Monday, February 22, 2010

Books by Diva JC

Joan Cartwright's first book, IN PURSUIT OF A MELODY was published in 2006 by Trafford Publishing in soft cover. This book is a compilation of Joan's memoirs as a veteran jazz and blues performer, poetry, songs and lectures.

In 2009, Joan published the book on in hard cover. Also, she broke the book out into four other books:

  1. Amazing Musicwomen that documents the lives of 40 women in jazz and blues
  2. So, You Want To Be A Singer? A manual for up-and-coming Divas, musicians and composers
  3. GaiaMind Poems - a collection of over 35 poems
  4. Joan Cartwright Song Book - a collection of 41 original musical compositions

By the end of 2009, Joan published three other books:

  1. Rhythms of The Heart - 12 love poems

  2. The Moon, Sunshowers, Rainbows and Whipped Cream Clouds - Spiritual journey

  3. Songs For My Children - Four children's songs

All of Joan's books are available at in soft and hard cover.

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