Monday, October 08, 2007

Week 2 of Diva JC Music Teacher

Dear Joan,
The things you had in your blog were great suggestions. You had the kids write down how they feel about music and their emotions that they may be feeling. I will give it a try and let you know what happens. The kids have less and less attention span than we ever did growing up which is a challenge.
Wendell Harrison and Pamela Wise

This is truly the case. They don't get discipline like we did from our parents, teachers and neighbors. They have so many material things that make them think they are "grown" including cellphones, computers, cd players and telephones. They are not afraid of anything. They know they can report us just like we can report them. It is a tough job being a teacher, from the get go, but without the means of disciplining the students, it is closer to "impossible".

Today, I found out that they do not want an "F" or "0" for assignments. They will cheat from each other's work to get the assignment done. It is really difficult when you prefer that they cheat or copy from another student than fail to hand in the assignment at all. So, for their first assignment, MUSICAL WORDS, half of the students did nothing. The other half got grades ranging from B to A- to A, once they did the assignment and handed it in to me.
Diva JC

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