Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The book is done!

In Pursuit of a Melody by Joan Cartwright contains 40 original songs

Hello Friends,
The book is out!

Please buy your copy, today! and send the link to all of your email friends and groups.

REMINDER: Joan is one of the ONLY women in the WORLD with a SONG BOOK. Do an internet search and tell me if I'm mistaken!

I was supposed to return on August 1, 2006, from
Shanghai, China, but I got a gig in China's third largest city, Tianjin, so I stayed until Sept 11, then returned to Shanghai for two days. On Sept 13, I flew to Japan, where I am until Oct 12, or until I decide to go back to Shanghai to fly back to Atlanta, because I can't change my ticket to just fly home from Japan, where I must fly to from Shanghai to change planes to fly to Chicago-Atlanta! Ugh!

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