Saturday, July 16, 2011

End of the Beginning

Today, I submitted my last assignment for the first course of my PhD program at Northcentral University. Houston Cypress asked me, "You've done all of these things: toured the world, singing in many countries; published 9 books and several CDs; founded a non-profit organization to promote women musicians. Why a PhD.?"

"Well," I told him, "my Dad is 92. I'm 63. That may mean that I have another 30 years to live. I might as well be doing SOMETHING rather than sitting around waiting to transition."

I'm writing for

I'm performing at Sisters in Harmony Expo, next week, and presenting my books at the author's roundtable.

I am booking gigs, like the cruise for Blacks Over 40, September 10-18, to the Caribbean.

What are YOU doing?

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