Monday, October 29, 2007

End of 4th Week

This week we started looking at intervals and chords. I played the intervals for the students and asked them to identify thirds and fifths.

Two of my five classes sang in 4-part harmony. They sounded great, even the ones who said, "I can't sing!"

Well, well, well. The tide surely turned this week. Why?

Grades are due!

So many students remembered my name - not "Miss" - not "Dr.", but "Ms. Cartwright" became popular and famous, all of a sudden.

"Ms. Cartwright, what grade do I have in Music?"

"Ms. Cartwright, how can I get my grade to a B?"

I responded, "By rowboat!" to many of them who'd treated me like a red-headed step-child, for the past three weeks. But, oh, did they become friendly and, oh, did I have the upper hand.

I worked with them. Too many hadn't turned in the first two assignments I gave them:

2. Musical Careers: musician, conductor, lyricist, composer, agent, promoter, producer, distributor, manufacturer, graphics designer, engineer, etc.

More than half got less than 70% on Quiz 1 and the big TEST I gave. So, I had little to use to raise their grades. I gave extra credit, simply, for reading the Italian and English versions of tempos [or tempi, in Italian]. Presto, Largissimo, Adaggio, Allegretto, etc. That worked to raise some of their grades from and "F" to a "D".

Then, about 1/3 still refused to hand in the homework, over the last weekend, so I had to stay with the "D" for those and was able to give a "C", "B" and even a few "A's" to those who did hand it in. It was a simple assignment: Write two pages on ONE composer with birthdate, place, bio and 3 songs that they wrote. Many students gave me bios on people who sang songs but hadn't written the songs. Some gave me bios of groups. They just do not follow instructions. But I do not bend. I mark them down, when they don't give me what I ask for.

Well, grades went in on Friday. Would you believe they came in on Monday without their homework? This assignment was to watch music videos and write a sentence or two on seven (7) careers involved with creating the video. These students wrote down 7 rappers or singers. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, today, we sat there and went through 15 careers involved with making a video and put them in order of importance:

1. Script Writer
2. Producer
3. Director
4. Casting Agent
5. Talent Agents
6. Set Designer
7. Camera People (4+)
8. Sound Engineer (including Boom Microphone Operator)
9. Lighting Technician
10. Choreographer
11. Make Up & Costume Designer
12. Editor
13. Distributor
14. Promoter

I asked the students why I am discussing these careers with them. They said so that they would know about these careers and, possibily find one of them that interests them, since everyone won't be a successful singer, rapper, musician, dancer or actor. They realize that there are many different ways to make money in the MUSIC Industry.

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